Smartking elektromagneet 5000N met terugmeldcontact

Smartking elektromagneet 5000N met terugmeldcontact

Normale prijs
Normale prijs


  • Compact and very complete surface mounted electromagnet
  • Tamper protection: includes extra magnet on armature plate with signalling
  • Also equipped with separate locking position signalling and LED indication
  • LED is located behind a protective lens
  • Secure fixing with included screws
  • Standard for outward opening doors
  • Positive security : quiescent current (FS) unlocked when de-energized
  • Holding force magnet 5000N
  • Suitable for control of movement of persons and for high-frequency use
  • Less sensitive to structural imperfections
  • Integration with any security installation
  • Finishing gray powder coated aluminum body and with nylon coating
  • Provides high resistance to oxydation
  • No residual magnetism after power failure
  • No mechanical parts


        Technical specifications


        4.71 kg

        Holding force


        Magnet size

        266 x 67 x 40 (L x B x H in mm)

        Armature size

        185 x 61 x 16.5 (L x B x H in mm)

        Power supply

        12 – 24 VDC

        Power tolerance

        + / – 10 %

        Current consumption

        240 mA @ 24 VDC, 420 mA @ 12 VDC


        NO , NC , COM

        Operating temperature


        Download product sheet (PDF)